The AMOS project has been disseminated widely through a variety of means:

In November 2015, La Presse, a French magazine, included an excerpt about Fiona Zhao from McGill University. La Fabrication Additive à La Rescousse talks about Zhao’s research into additive manufacturing in the upcoming AMOS project, specifically how this technique could be used to improve aeronautic design and repair damaged aircraft parts.

In May 2016 the Nuclear AMRC reported on the AMOS project in the article New European-Canadian research to explore additive repair for aerospace. This press release was soon picked up by the HVM Catapult, magazines including Aerospace Manufacturing and Manufacturing and Engineering, and Rotherham Business News. The Canadian company Liburdi also reported on the collaboration and published Additive Manufacturing in the Aerospace Industry in the CWA Journal 20, April 2017.

Canadian students at McGill have submitted a number of theses regarding AMOS.

Presentation of the AMOS project during Centrale Nantes Open Day October 2017 and October 2018.

Furthermore, Xiaoyi Guan from McGill University in Montreal spent 10 days in France at the ECN campus in June for AMOS, looking at the additive machine which will be used to deposit Titanium in the project.

AMOS was presented at the poster session during CARIC'S 3rd National Research Forum, which showcases project funded since CARIC's inception in 2014.

Udisien Woy from the University of Sheffield AMRC presented on Bulk Additive Manufacturing during the EASA Workshop in Additive Manufacturing, September 28th – 29th 2016, Cologne. Woy also gave an AMOS overview at the SAE AMS AM meeting hosted by Norsk Titanium, 23-26 April 2018, Norway.

The AMOS project has been featured in Building expertise for additive repair, Nuclear AMRC News, No. 33 Q4 2018, p.9 and Additive repair for aerospace, Nuclear AMRC, Helping manufacturers win work in nuclear 2019 brochure, p.7.

In February 2019, the Nuclear AMRC news reported on how Udisien Woy discussed AMOS as part of the additive manufacturing showcase at the launch of Nuclear AMRC Midlands. Further details of this event can be seen on our website. ECN have also given an overview of AMOS on their open days.

AMOS was also highlighted in NordDesign 2018, Design in the Era of Digitalization conference program, August 14-17, Linköping University.

More in-depth technical information can be found in the following publication:

Al Handawi K, Lawand L, Andersson P, Brommesson R, Isaksson O, and Kokkolaras M, 2018, Integrating additive manufacturing and repair strategies of aeroengine components in the computational multi-disciplinary engineering design process, NordDesign conference in Linköping, Sweden, McGill University, Chalmers University of Technology

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